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The Business of BOTOX® Course

Interested in becoming an entrepreneur and opening your own aesthetic practice? This course focuses on lean startup concepts and business building from the ground up. At courses taught in Austin, Dallas, and Houston, TX, we will show you how to build a strong infrastructure and share actionable insights that will allow your practice to flourish.

The neurotoxin portion of this course will cover the pharmacology and hands-on injection techniques necessary to keep your practice profitable. Not only will you learn how to keep wrinkles at bay, you’ll learn how to treat migraines, TMJ, and hyperhidrosis of the hands and axilla.

How can a side hustle like this affect your life overall? More money, more happiness, more life fulfillment, more confidence, and a better life balance. You deserve the full benefits of your labor.

Benefits of PST

  • APRN Empowerment
  • AANA-Approved for CEUs
  • Online Support Network
  • Comprehensive Instruction
  • Hands-On Development of Skills
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